Wardrobe Edit

A Wardrobe Edit will assist you by de-cluttering and revitalising your wardrobe by removing old, unworn and ill- fitting garments that may be occupying your wardrobe. In keeping with your sense of style, existing pieces will be restyled; finding new and exciting ways of wearing them, leaving you with a well coordinated wardrobe with ‘go to’ looks.

A Wardrobe Edit will also reveal your most complimentary colours, patterns and silhouettes to accentuate and enhance your features, and also expose any missing wardrobe essentials. Fittings and tailoring services may be provided for items that don't fit properly or need extra TLC to keep those loved pieces in your closet. Your undesired garments will be donated to the Australian Red Cross or your chosen charity.

Time dependent on wardrobe size, minimum 3 hours. 

Wardrobe Edit is best when added to Wardrobe Cleanse. When packaged together time is dependent on wardrobe size, minimum 5 hours. 

For pricing and further information please contact Alex at alex@opshoptotrunway.com

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